Flight Collection

by Peony NOLA in

Summer 2014


               Libellule always chooses a theme to work with for each collection. Last season it was “Celestial,” next season it will be “Imperial Russia.” This season we are showing “Flight.” Libellule is the French word for dragonfly, and like its name suggests, this season is light, airy and influenced by the things that fly on the wind.


                Here is what you will see coming down the runway: feathers, birds, birdcages, wings, blackbirds, wind, and perhaps you may see a little swan in our last garment to float down the catwalk. Our fabrics are so light that we had to use beads, trim and lots of applique to weigh them down. Seriously, this was dictated by our manufacturer, “I can’t leave this edge raw, it is too light to hang properly.”

                Where did we find such amazing fabrics? All over the United States. What do they feel like? Heaven. This, conveniently, ties into our collection of flight. Some of the fibers are so fine, they are like a whisper- a little, black dress whisper. Our color palette includes shades like: “cloud”, “sunrise”, “midnight” and “oyster”- we are from New Orleans, after all.

                Libellule invites you to fly over to the New Orleans Museum of Art on Thursday October 3rd at 6:45 to feast your eyes on our latest collection. We look forward to seeing you