A little Window...

by Leigh Reveley

...into our "Flight" Collection. 

      On a steamy New Orleans morning a week or so ago (it is always steamy here- the days seem to blend into one another through the water molecules in the air), three models, two designers, and a fabulous makeup artist descending upon John Malta's salon in New Orleans.

      Having a 7 a.m. call time is never pleasant, if you ask me. Even with Edie, John's adorable Boston terrier licking your leg and ice coffee made by Crickett's husband, I have to feign niceness and authority. I usually wake up at 8 and am not expected to function until 10 a.m. (this can extend to 3 p.m. depending on coffee consumption). I blame this on genetics. Everyone else, however, seemed to be in jovial spirits and pretty awake, so I put on a good front rather than lying down on the salon couch.

     To my credit, I had been up for almost 24 hours, tweaking garments that had come in last minute from the manufacturers and creating some new ones overnight. This is "normale" as the Italians say. It happens to everyone in the fashion industry and it happens to me about six times in a year.  Nothing that can't be cured with under eye concealer and a post event nap. 

     John Malta and his staff are geniuses. We asked for the hair to be a loose, messy updo: slightly bird's nesty, since our theme is flight. They obliged effortlessly. Tisa, our brilliant makeup artist with the best groomed "unruly" hair I have ever seen, gave the models a dewy face with a pink lip. She, herself, is like pure oxygen, freshening everything around her without realizing it.

      Once hair and makeup were finished, we all met at the shoot location where Jason Kruppa had been prepping the house with his lighting and cameras. Our clothes had been steamed earlier and organized on a garment rack by yours truly.  An intelligent person would assume that given the amount of steam and humidity in this glorious city below sea level, additional steam would not be needed. Somehow, this is not the case and I feel betrayed by science.

      There are times with our very talented photographer (and lovely friend) Jason that I feel like Eloise with her tutor. This is because I always take on the role of light reflector assistant. I am of slight build and frequently these reflectors are bigger than I am, and actually prevent me from being able to see where the light is hitting the model.  Jason will often have to verbally cue me, "Angle up, angle up.. no, too far... down...up..oh, I'll just come over there and adjust it.... don't move." My arms always feel like I took a really good barre class the next day. 

      On this particular shoot, I backed into a burr filled fern and held everything up while I tried to pick them out and then had to change shirts. Eloise, indeed.

      In short, the shoot was wonderful. Models as nice as they are good looking. Photographer as patient as he is creative. Business partner keeping my iced coffee glass full and styling each model with Anna Wintour like precision.

       I also took on a new role of videographer that steam soaked day, and here are the results:

Photographer: Jason Kruppa

Models: Sarah Cutter, Samantha Farber, Laura Lindquist

Hair: John Malta

Make up: Tisa for Beauty Bar