Amazing Grace

by Leigh Reveley

                I am wanting to get my greedy little hands on the new Book about Grace Coddington: “Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue.” Why? Because I think she deserves to be adored. Because she makes the average woman appreciate the beauty of art and fashion. Because, starting at age 15 (for those of you fellow fashion lovers this was about the time that those topless ads with Kate Moss straddling Marky Mark came out), I started tearing out her Vogue editorials and taping them to my walls. This one was the first with Shalom Harlow.


                She is brilliant, red haired and completely over shadowed by the famous icy Anna Wintour. In the 2009 documentary, “The September Issue” I would watch as Coddington would hatch beautiful ideas, editorials that told a magical story in an unbelievable location, which would then be shot down or edited out by the severe Wintour. It was heartbreaking. It was also wonderful.


                I know it takes a village to put together a photo shoot, but watching her work was like eating chocolate. It was rich, satisfying and left you craving more. From Safari in Africa to a prohibition era café in Paris, there is always a story. A story that you want to be a part of. She makes you want to wear these gorgeous clothes, in these gorgeous settings. It is nothing short of marketing genius, but on the highest, most exquisite platform ever.


                Coddington started out her fashion career as a model. Originally from Wales, with red hair and legs for miles, she became quite the ingénue, gracing the cover of many magazines. At the age of 26, she was in a car accident that left her disfigured. It was then that she really shared her beauty with the world and began her game changing career as a stylist and eventual Fashion Editor at Vogue. She seems so soft spoken and humble, I wish I could wake her up every morning with a motivational speech all about her brilliance and talent.

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