Runway of NOLA Fashion Week S/S 2013

 Runway of NOLA Fashion Week S/S 2013

Libellule,  the French word for dragonfly, pronouced “libby-lool” is a New Orleans based women’s clothing line.  It is the brain child of Leigh Reveley and Crickett Lapeyre and features rich modern details on classic vintage silhouettes. Our pieces are environmentally friendly, made with high quality natural fibers and are all manufactured within the United States.

We believe in the power of beauty.  We believe it is healing.  Whether you are looking at a beautiful landscape or engaged in conversation with a beautiful person, when you are in the presence of something beautiful, you feel more alive.  We hope that you will feel that way whether you are gazing at one of our garments or wearing one.


Leigh Reveley Kellogg has been surrounded by textiles all of her life. Her mother is one of the premier textile conservators in the country. At the age of twelve, her mother curated a Dior exhibit for the Louisiana State Museum. It was then, while feeling and gazing upon these Dior gowns that Leigh decided she wanted to make beautiful things.

                 She learned how to sew at a young age on her grandmother’s 40 lb “portable” sewing machine from the 1940s, which she used throughout her youth to make her own clothes. After majoring in Costume Design at Mary Washington College, she went on to FIT in New York to obtain a degree in fashion. For over a decade she followed in her mother’s footsteps and restored vestments from the Vatican, Empress Josephine’s coronation gown, clothing belonging to the First Lady, Masonic Aprons from the early 1800s, and other amazing textiles.

                 It is from these projects that she draws so much inspiration for her current designs for Libellule. She loves being able to incorporate the richness of the past into modern clothing. She resides in both Houston and New Orleans, leaving her heart in one place and her soul in the other.

Crickett Lapeyre,  married to Andrew Lapeyre and mother of twins girls, had always dreamed of designing clothes. She designed her friend's graduation and debut dresses all through high school and college.  Being an international gymnast competing in sports acrobatics she could not go to a college that offered fashion design.  Majoring in Russian Studies at Newcomb College and then Mastering in Arts Administration at UNO were nice second choices.  Crickett's creative nature was nurtured being a US sports acrobatics coach for years. The sport is coined with a question: "Is it an art or a sport?"  The leotards are spectacular and the creativity involved in skill formation and choreography is truly one of breathtaking  proportion.  Giving up full time coaching to be a mother, she never stopped using her artistic talents and was so thrilled to meet leigh.  Leigh shared Crickett's love of vintage style, gorgeous lace and luxurious fabrics.  They liked similar designers and admired sewing techniques long forgotten.  Libellule, alas, was born.   A woman's clothes line that was beautiful to look at and wear.  A dream come true.